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Top Luxuary Projects on Thong Lo

Thonglor is known for its upscale restaurants and cool bars, but the street hasn’t been home to many new real estate developments until recently. In the past few years, over 12 luxury residential projects have been launched turning the popular street into a property investment hot spot.

Unlike other locations along Sukhumvit, where being close to the BTS is seen as being important, some of the recent Thonglor projects are fairly far away from the station. Several luxury developments are at least 1 kilometre away from Sukhumvit which goes against the trend.

The Reserve Thonglor 2
The Reserve Thonglor 2 is Pruksa’s 1st luxury condo development and is targeting young entrepreneurs and affluent professionals who want to live the Thonglor lifestyle. The project is being developed under the ‘Reserve Your Nature’ concept. The design features earthy elements including a water channel that give residents a feeling of being out in the open.

The Bangkok 
Developed by Land & Houses, The Bangkok is one of the few projects close to Sukhumvit and the BTS station. It is an all-glass sculpture making it unique for the city while high-end materials such as copper and marble are used to add a luxury feeling to the interiors.

Khun by Yoo 
Sansiri is behind this luxurious project on Thonglor 10. It’s a collaboration from popular designer Philippe Starck and the world famous YOO. The project boasts a copper core and a floor-to-sky glass façade as well as interiors featuring upscale furniture and top-branded fittings.

This high-rise condo has a number of luxurious touches such as Fendi Casa furniture and an infinity swimming pool. Built by Real Asset, the project isn’t on Thongor, but Sukhumvit 57, which is one street over.

Tela Thonglor
Gaysorn Property is developing Tela Thonglor on Thonglor 13 near a bunch of trendy restaurants. The super-luxury, high-rise condo offers luxury living and privacy not found elsewhere. For example, each unit has a private elevator.